The Lousiest Unicorn GIVEAWAY

Hey buddies!

I’ve entered my new book The Lousiest Unicorn in Amazon’s Storyteller writing contest and would love your support to win it (if I deserve it, of course–I don’t believe in winning something I don’t deserve). How can YOU help me win? By buying my book, reading it, and reviewing it. The finalists are judged based on how well the book sells and on customer feedback, so if you love it and think it deserves to win, show it by sharing it!

In celebration of the contest, digital copies of The Lousiest Unicorn will be FREE to download on May 18 and May 19, so tell all of your unicorn-loving friends.

And stay tuned-in for more exciting updates. I’m going to try to plan some fun unicorn-related activities and giveaways for all of you unicorn-lovers out there.

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