The Lousiest Unicorn

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This unicorn’s last attempt at being a good unicorn could lead to the exposure and exploitation of her kind’s greatest secret…

Unicorns are perfect–pure, kind, selfless, and caring–right?


Aliniara isn’t your stereotypical unicorn. She’s lazy, selfish, and just a little arrogant–and she knows it. In a rare attempt to fulfill her obligations as a unicorn and rescue a damsel in distress, young and carefree Aliniara is confronted by a two-faced witch who traps her in the body of a human princess. Both the princess and the unicorn are resilient in their individual agendas, but they must find a way to work together to thwart the witch’s wicked plans of becoming the most powerful (and beautiful) person to have ever lived. In order to get rid of the witch, Aliniara must visit the thing she dreads above all else: her guarded past.

This is the last time this unicorn will ever try to save a princess.

This is the last time this unicorn will ever try to save a princess.

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Praise for The Lousiest Unicorn:

“Carrie Finke’s The Lousiest Unicorn is a fantastical tale, full of surprises and witty dialog that entertains on every level.” – Reader’s Favorite (Click here for full review)

” I often feel when I read self published books that there are always glaring errors in the writing and that is coming from someone that didn’t get the best grades in English. I never once felt that way here.”

” I love the sense of humor and can totally see this as an awesome animated film someday! Kids and adults alike will love it!”

“I will be reading this story to my kids when they get older and will be reading it many times over to myself until then.”

“The story had twists and turns and surprised you quite often and you couldn’t predict the end of the story – these are the best books.”

“This was a compelling story. The characters were believable, even though Aliniara is a unicorn!”

“Although this book is about a unicorn, a princess, and a witch, the storyline is completely original and unexpected.”

The Lousiest Unicorn Facts

  • I wrote the first draft of The Lousiest Unicorn in 19 days in March 2011.
  • The finished manuscript is about 77,700 words long and in the editing process I cut out approximately 37,000.
  • The word “unicorn” appears in the manuscript 291 times.
  • The Lousiest Unicorn‘s original title was The Unicorn’s Fable. It was then changed to The Waters of Delanir and then to The Waters of Alotrop before I finally found a title I felt was the perfect fit.