My Writing

“The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book.” 
– Northrop Frye

Here is where I post some of my writing. Feel free to read and tell me what you think.

Short Stories

Hole-Digger – A hole-digging girl wonders if she’ll be stuck digging holes alone forever.

The Blueberry Muffin – A fiancee is shocked by the reaction of her groom-to-be at the discovery that she has eaten his blueberry muffin.

The Choice – We didn’t get to choose what we look like, where we were born, or when we were born, but we do have the choice to make the most of our circumstances.


The Lousiest UnicornThis is the last damsel in distress this unicorn is going to help.

Teffy and the Golden Spoon – A small, golden spoon can cause big trouble for a small garden gnome.

Teffy: Chickens on Trial – For poor little Teffy, it’s just one adventure after the other…

Favorite Blog Posts

A Mormon, an Atheist, and a Catholic – A summary of the things I learned whilst living abroad with two people whose beliefs varied greatly from my own.